“I love the staff here they take great care of my animals. My puppy was about to pass from Parvo last year and they nursed her back to health on top of that they also encouraged me when I was upset and a nervous wreck. Today we came in for shots and after almost a year they still remembered my pups and on top of everything they are very very patient with my Labrador, he is extremely hyper.” – Dallas Cearley

“Wonderful people who will love and care for your critters as if they were their own.” – Micah Gipe

“Some people have animals. Some people have family of different species. They could tell I was one of the latter when I took my furbaby here in an emergency effort to save her life. She was too far gone by the time they got her to save her, but they came to me like family to console me. It was obvious that I was a wreck. We took my baby girl and buried her, and afterwards, I just remember thinking I’d have liked to have had her paw prints, since I’m a big guy, with tattoos. To have her paw prints tattooed on me would have been a nice way to have her with me til we can meet again. A day later, I got a card in the mail from Town & Country, full of notes and signatures from the staff, and inside was a little card with my Trixie’s paw prints on it. It’s like they read my mind during a time I could barely think, myself. These people are amazing, and they care about the animals as much as they care about the people that own them. I can never fully express how much that meant to me during such an emotionally devastating time.” – Steve Smith

“My husband and I just got a new cat, Israel, that we purchased from a shelter. We received great information on what to do for him for the future. He was treated fast and efficiently for his kennel illnesses. On top of that our dog was very ill a month ago with a fever of 103.6. After being prescribed the right pills for his condition, Scout bounced back to his normal self. The staff has always been friendly and helpful to us.” – Clarissa Davis

“We love working with the Doc!! Everyone is so helpful and very personable!! They all go above and beyond and that is exactly what we want!! You’re the best guys!! Thank you” – Machelle N Kevin Lee

“Love this place! Doc, Dr. Jeana, Dr. Kendra, and staff, Miss Ashley, Aaron, Ms. Ellen, Ms. Julie….they are all wonderful people who truly care for you and your pet! They go the extra mile to help and care for your pet. Doc has met me at 3am on a Saturday morning to coming in from making farm runs all evening, to come in and feed my grandpuppy at 11:00pm, wait to make sure she kept her food down and give her medicine, then call to let me know all was going good. I don’t think you will find anyone more devoted!” – Lyn Jacimore

“This is a great place for your animals.the staff there are the best.I worked there for awhile and it is the best job I ever had I miss you all.go check it out you and your pet will love it.” – Leia Padgett-rasha